By: Leah Cooper, 2017 Summer & Fall Intern

These past few months, I have been an intern at La Torre Communications. And as I conclude what has been a life-changing opportunity, I feel like I can provide a glimpse of what it is like to be an intern at La Torre Communications.

As an intern, my day begins the same: walking through the front door at 8:30 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday morning. My first assignment of the day is always clips for the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association. To be honest, in the beginning, I didn’t grasp the point of scouring Google News to see where PSTA was mentioned. But over time, I began to value the fact that La Torre Communications cares so much about its clients that the first thing we do for some of them every morning is see where they are mentioned in the news. Sometimes clips take me 10 minutes to find, and other days I could spend almost an hour searching the Internet for a worthy clip. And this is probably the only sort of consistency in my day.

After clips, I could be doing a myriad of things. Some days, I spend hours drafting social media posts for our many clients; other days, I draft newsletters and other content for clients. In a matter of minutes, I go from making phone calls to media outlets pitching upcoming events to researching ways to make our clients’ social media presence even better. To add, the variety of clients we represent truly encompasses many industries. One day, I could be drafting an article about horse racing, while the next day I could be drafting social media for the local hospice. It sounds cliché, but no two days at La Torre Communications are the same.

As someone who loves structure and despises change, this variety was a hard concept for me to grasp. But now, I love it. Since every day is different, I have had more experiences, and as a result, I feel as though I am a better future PR practitioner. And my ability to adapt to change has improved. With this in mind, I believe this internship at La Torre Communications has made me a valuable asset in the communications industry.

I know using the term “life-changing” to describe these past few months seems dramatic, but my time here this summer has made a large impact on my life. Before this internship, I was truly unsure if I was pursuing the right career path. As a student at Syracuse University, I was taking classes that required an intense amount of writing and copious amounts of reading, and I often wondered, “Is it worth it?” This summer made me realize that all of the work I’ve done thus far academically is worth it. The endless numbers of papers made me a better writer, and the thousands of pages of readings made me more knowledgeable. This internship made me realize the late nights in the library (and frequent coffee runs) are worth it because I get to pursue a career in an industry that I enjoy.

I could continue to write more about my day in the life as an intern at La Torre Communications, but I think what I took away from this experience is more valuable. I still don’t really have a perfect description of what the average day is, and I am content with that because I found projects that I was passionate about, gained the confidence to know that I selected the right major, and had one amazing learning experience from my internship at La Torre Communications. And I would take that over an average day in the life any day.



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