By Angelina Fonticoba

I had no experience in public relations. I hadn’t taken any PR classes, and I wasn’t part of a club. When I saw the La Torre Communications internship listing, though, I applied anyway.

Why would you want an internship that’s not in your field?  Furthermore, even if you decide that the internship looks interesting and is something you want to do, how do you go about landing an internship in a field in which you’ve had no prior experience?

You want to apply for a public relations internship, because public relations can be used in every single field. You can use the skills you learn in a public relations internship and apply them to any company or job you may work for in the future. If you’re majoring in science, you’re going to use public relations to effectively communicate your new formula or findings to the public while convincing companies and potential stakeholders (people who are going to invest their money in your company) that you know what you’re doing. If your major is nursing, public relations is essential. You have to know what the patients’ and their families’ needs are and how to accommodate them, while continuing to uphold the company standard.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, or how well you do it, to be successful you must know how to sell yourself to your audiences to obtain positive feedback.

Now that you want to apply for a public relations internship, you have to tailor your resume and cover letter to get an interview. You have to prove that what you already know will translate to similar success in the public relations field. Read the internship skill requirements while going through your own list of experiences to see which things match up, and draw the line between what the employer wants and how you will accomplish those goals.

If you can prove this to your potential employer, you’re well on your way to a public relations internship of a lifetime.


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