No, I never wanted to be a doctor, or a surgeon, or any person who would have to be able to handle the “blood and guts” of the medical field. I knew, from a relatively young age, that I wanted to use a keyboard instead of a scalpel. I’ve found a passion and deep appreciation for the industry of public relations and integrated marketing/communications. Here’s the story of how it’s grown deeper over the past few months.

Now, this isn’t to say that writing or working the PR industry is the same as saving lives, but when I describe my line of work to others, I feel myself wanting to say just what Meredith Grey did after her first major surgery: “I don’t know why anybody does drugs!” (See the clip here.)

Just like I am sure many surgeons feel some capacity of an adrenaline rush when they have someone on the table, I love the feeling when I get to creatively depict a story to a targeted group of people for an even more targeted purpose. It’s really something beautiful when just a specific combination of words can tell an entire story.

My Operating Room: Second Street, Harrisburg

Working at La Torre Communications has been, in short, an exceptional experience. From attending events for various clients and doing live social media, to chasing down reporters to cover a story, to drafting what seems like thousands of social media posts, to meeting clients in places of the city I’ve never been—the time has certainly flown by.

Not to mention, I’ve had two particularly inspiring people to look up to throughout the process. David La Torre is somebody who demands perfection, from himself and everyone around him. Every time, he will work and encourage you until you get there.

Jill Gingrich is somebody who I’m pretty sure has figured out how to add more hours to a day. I really cannot understand how she accomplishes all she does in the outstanding ways she does it. She has trusted and guided me through a time where I was able to tremendously grow in this profession.

When the two of these PR powerhouses weren’t stealing each other’s sparkling waters, they were there to create numerous opportunities for me to reach a higher potential, something I’ll always be grateful for.

In short, when someone asks you why you do what you do, if your immediate thought isn’t to respond with, “Why would anybody do drugs if you can work in a thrilling industry like this?” then I think there’s something else out there waiting for you. Go find your operating room—mine was on Second Street.

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