La Torre Communications is a full-service public relations and public affairs firm based in Harrisburg, PA. We devise communications strategies that help make a difference for non-profit organizations, associations, and companies both big and small.

Whether you need to generate community support for a controversial project, to raise media and public awareness of a desperately needed legislative change, or need help navigating the complex media landscape during a time of crisis, La Torre Communications can help.

We love a challenge. We get results.

Our Team

Our Approach

Our clients have unique needs. In order to understand those needs, we immerse ourselves in learning everything we can about our clients and the challenges they face.

Our research and proven approach allow us to formulate a communications strategy that moves public opinion among targeted constituencies and the media. We don’t waste time with off-the-shelf strategies. We get results by creating unique opportunities to convey the messages our clients need to be successful.

Whether it’s an aggressive public campaign or a sensitive, internal company issue that requires deft handling, our professionals tailor specific plans for each client, which may include a broad range of activities or simply focus on a few dynamic tactics.

When needed, we work our extensive statewide media contacts to ensure your message is delivered loud and clear to your target audience. We do that through persistence. A simple press release or fax never works. We go to work on the media to position your issue.

At any given time, a reporter can be juggling multiple stories. You need someone in there fighting for you. We’re aggressive, but we’re also respectful of maintaining the high integrity that our clients demand.

By building a strong relationship with our clients and understanding their delicate public affairs needs, our communications strategies help our clients make the right moves.