A report by the Pennsylvania Department of Health said inadequate staffing in the hospital’s emergency room directly contributed to the deaths of two patients.

La Torre Communications designed and executed a crisis communication campaign, including:

  • Devised a strategy that accurately communicated how state officials misinterpreted information in its findings.
  • Worked with hospital and corporate officials on talking points for media interviews.
  • Provided media training for local hospital official in anticipation of interviews.
  • Worked to prevent CRMC officials from aggressively attacking the state’s findings until a full internal investigation was complete and all the facts were known.
  • Once the facts were clear, scheduled interviews with all local media covering the story.
  • Maintained contact with state Department of Health officials to create more trust and understanding of CRMC’s position.


The Department of Health issued a press release retracting its findings as “unfounded.”  This led to a front-page story in the Harrisburg Patriot-News: “State sees no link in patient deaths, staffing.”