Cyber hacking continues to threaten businesses on a daily basis. Data breaches have led the exposure of the sensitive information of millions of Americans, costing companies millions of dollars in profits and expensive litigation.


La Torre Communications has worked with several confidential companies and entities on communications plans to help them recover from these devastating attacks, which include:

  • Devising communications strategies for speaking with employees. Strong employee communication is necessary to maintain morale and keep the company moving forward. We prepare presentations and one-on-one scripts to help facilitate ongoing communication.
  • Provide salespeople with talking points, and practice, on how to communicate with clients.
  • Create and execute a media strategy to minimize impact and controversy. Strategies vary according to the circumstance, but we advocate for engaging with the media.
  • Draft statements, and schedule interviews with all local media covering the story, when necessary.
  • During immediate crisis period, hold daily meeting with the client and legal counsel in an effort to continually analyze all messaging and adjust, when needed.


Each data breach is different, but we have found that consistent engagement with staff, customers and the media help allay public fears and allows our clients to move past the hacking.