The Wolf administration proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s Medicaid reimbursement formula for nursing home facilities that would have rewarded poorly performing, for-profit nursing facilities, while slashing funds from the state’s best performing, not-for-profit facilities.


La Torre Communications planned and executed an aggressive 48-hour public affairs campaign to educate the public about this misguided proposal and force the Wolf administration to reverse its decision.

La Torre Communications:

  • Provided a human face for this issue, scheduled television interviews with local care providers who could explain to the public why the change would hurt seniors being cared for in good nursing facilities.
  • Utilized a multi-channel social media platform to voice LeadingAge PA’s concerns to the public, media, legislators and legislative staff.
  • Placed an opinion piece on the issue in newspapers across the state and provided constant updates to beat reporters.


As media attention mounted, the Wolf administration recalled the proposed reimbursement formula change and has indicated it hold conversations with all stakeholders, including LeadingAge PA, to ensure a fair reimbursement system remains in place.