Republic Services Inc., a non-hazardous solid waste collector, serves more than 120,000 residential customers and 7,000 commercial and industrial customers in York, Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland and Adams counties. In October 2012, the company replaced two-thirds of its York fleet with 65 natural gas vehicles (NGVs), becoming the largest central-Pennsylvania operation using compressed natural gas fuel for its vehicles. The company needed to inform both current and potential clients about this green move in an innovative way.


La Torre Communications created an event for public officials and media that showcased the vehicles and emphasized their positive impacts on the community.

La Torre Communications:

  • Developed talking points for Republic Services spokespeople that emphasized the positive impacts of NGVs, including pollution reduction and quieter waste collection.
  • Planned a press conference at the NGV fueling facility featuring several state officials.
  • Coordinated demonstrations of NGV fueling and operation, with ride-along opportunities for guests.


La Torre Communications produced a successful press conference and unveiling ceremony that saturated the media market with positive coverage of Republic Services. The earned estimated advertising equivalency outpaced the budget by more than 300 percent.