Everyone has a lawyer. Everyone hires a lobbyist when they need one. Yet everyone thinks they can do their own PR.

— David La Torre

…but can they do their own public relations?

It’s a fair question because PR has changed dramatically in the 21st century. It is a full-menu, widely diverse discipline that requires constant attention. Traditional media, social media, event planning, B2B and public marketing are just a few of the tactics being employed today.

Leaders need to ask themselves five basic questions:

  1. Can our communications staff pick up the phone and get an important story placed?
  2. What’s our social media strategy if a crisis hits?
  3. Do we have a crisis communications plan?
  4. Is our marketing campaign backed by thorough research and focus group feedback?
  5. Can we write a simple release?

The last question is indeed a simple one — but in our experience many companies can not. Some of our region’s largest companies haven’t issued a press release in decades, so it’s fair to assume they have other needs that aren’t being met because they don’t even know what those needs are.

That’s where we come in.

La Torre Communications is introducing a new product, PREmbed® , to help companies and organizations conduct a deep dive on their communications infrastructure. La Torre will embed its team with the company/organization for a week to conduct a full assessment. PREmbed® will focus on external and internal communications. Internal is perhaps the most often overlooked. La Torre will look at the quality of how leadership communicates with each other, their direct reports and their team.

Our final PREmbed® report will provide a thorough review of current operations, including a checklist of items that each communications department should possess, and then conclude our report with list of detailed recommendations to ensure your company truly has 21st century operation.

Contact us today and learn more about how PREmbed® can help!