Be a jack of all trades
Be up for anything. Learn the basics of photo, video, blogging and social media. Be prepared for whatever you might be thrown into so that you can impress with your work.

Remember to ask questions and take notes
Your intern experience will go by faster than you can imagine, so make sure you’ll be able to remember it. Take advantage of your resources and ask a lot of questions. Keep notes so you can look back on all you’ve done and what you’ve learned.

Learn to understand the importance of constructive criticism
The point of an internship is to learn and grow, so don’t get defensive with feedback. You have the opportunity to work with skilled professionals in the industry you love, so keep that in the front of your mind.

Know that there’s no such thing as 9-5 in PR
You’re never too good for grunt work. You might have to make copies and get coffee, but it’ll be far worth it. Showing enthusiasm for all tasks is what can set you apart from the competition.

Use your experience to learn what you like
As an intern, you work for a firm, but you’re also learning what kind of firm works for you. Use your experience to find out what qualities you love and hate about the organization as you spend time there. It will be infinitely helpful when you go to look for a job.

Be proactive and look for opportunities within your internship
When you’re in the office, remove the word “no” from your vocabulary. Take every opportunity you can find, and always ask for more once you finish. Find every way to make the most of your time there.

Figure out how you can add value to your experience
Think about what you’re good at, and think about what the organization needs. How can you further their goals? How can you make them remember you? What will make your intern experience the best for them and for you?


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