Chrin Companies created a public-private partnership to build a $40-million interchange near Easton, Pennsylvania. In addition, Chrin planned to develop property around the interchange with the Chrin Commerce Centre to create 5,000 jobs and generate $16 million in tax revenue for the surrounding municipalities and schools.

La Torre Communications saw the Chrin project as a great opportunity to strengthen Chrin Companies’ relationship with the local community and elected officials, while working proactively to avoid a “Not In My Backyard” campaign against the new development.


This project was completed in two phases.

Phase One provided La Torre with only a three-week timeframe to plan and execute an intense, community-focused public relations strategy to introduce the Chrin Commerce Centre and planned interchange to the Lehigh Valley.

La Torre:

  • Developed messaging that easily communicated the positive outcomes the project would have, including job creation and increased tax revenue to schools and communities.
  • Planned and executed a successful groundbreaking ceremony that served to maintain transparency of the project and fully educate the local community on the positive impacts it would have. The ceremony included remarks from several high-ranking public officials, including Gov. Tom Corbett.
  • Conducted intensive media relations throughout the Lehigh Valley to maintain transparency with reporters.

Phase Two began two and a half years later as the interchange approached completion. La Torre again planned an intensive, community-focused strategy to introduce the new interchange and improved Main Street Bridge to the community.

La Torre:

  • Worked to educate the public on the benefits of the interchange and opening of the new road, in tandem with media updates from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
  • Held a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of the interchange and the Charles Chrin Companies’ 60th anniversary. The ceremony again included remarks from several high-ranking public officials, including Gov. Tom Corbett.
  • Cultivated our media relationships the Lehigh Valley to bring reporters to the ribbon cutting event and earn positive print and television coverage throughout the market.


The Chrin Commerce Centre and new interchange received a warm welcome from the Lehigh Valley community. The groundbreaking was well attended by key community leaders, including many high-ranking public officials, as well as community and business leaders, who all pledged their support of the project. Positive media coverage saturated the Lehigh Valley market following both events, gaining prominent placements in all mainstream print and television outlets, and flooded into neighboring outlets.