The Rendell administration routinely ignored calls by LeadingAge PA (formerly PANPHA) for a special study on rising senior costs in a state with one of the oldest populations in the nation.


La Torre Communications planned a long-range public affairs and media campaign to create more visibility for LeadingAge PA both in the public eye and with the Rendell administration.

La Torre Communications:

  • Positioned LeadingAge PA as one of the most vocal critics of Gov. Rendell’s universal health- care plan by creating hard-hitting attacks by LeadingAge PA on a health-care plan largely receiving strong marks in the media.
  • Scheduled “town hall-like” meetings with LeadingAge PA members and seniors who require care to discuss problems with the Rendell plan.
  • Distributed critical press releases from town halls to the media and insider political websites read by the Rendell administration.
  • Met with editorial boards in areas where town hall meetings were held.
  • Wrote op-ed pieces and secured signing by former Pennsylvania Department of Aging in support of LeadingAge PA priorities.
  • Wrote letters to the editor by LeadingAge PA members against Gov. Rendell’s health-care plan and in support of LeadingAge PA.


Citing specific pressure from the town hall meetings, the Rendell administration notified LeadingAge PA it would reverse its earlier decision and include language for the special study on rising senior costs in the legislation.